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Services Provided

Protection services are provided to families with limited funding, hence we cannot put all the resources needed to make it work properly.

The prevention dollars will help us achieve this goal. With the prevention formula, the agency is looking forward to assisting children and families with supports/resources so that the children do not come into care.

Some of the resources we hope to provide include:

• Continue using the Elders as an instrument in keeping the agency moving in the right direction for the community, as well utilizing the Elders knowledge, i.e.: parents at "agency home".
• Providing different types of workshops that focus on holistic healing.
• Providing culturally appropriate programs/services to the community members.
• Promoting a good working relationship with the different agency within the community.

Over the years the agency has encountered many challenges, one of them was the awareness of Child and Family Service. To bring positive awareness to the program, we have had many open houses, however there was limited attendance.

The agency does have an Elder Advisory Committee that acts in an advisory capacity, and has been very instrumental in the Elders Gathering the agency has facilitated.

The Elders Gathering have been very effective in getting the message out, as they have developed a booklet on "Traditional Parenting" as well, are still in a lengthy process of completing a family tree for the community.

The guidance from the Elders plays a key role in on-going development of the agency, as they make recommendations to the agency regarding the needs of the community.