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Wahkotowin ICFS

In February of 1994, the Minister of Social Services, now the Ministry of Social Services, announced that a Tripartite service agreement had been signed with Chief & Council of the Tri-Nations of the three First Nations Peter Chapman, Chakastapaysin and James Smith.

Wahkotowin Child and Family Services Inc. (WCFS) began delivering child protection services to the to children and family members of James Smith, Peter Chapman and Chakastaypaysin First Nations pursuant to, and consistent with, the provisions of the FSIN Child Welfare and Family Support Act and the Saskatchewan Child Welfare Act.

The philosophy of the WCFS is to provide culturally appropriate and community-based programs and services that support and strengthen the unity of children and families living in our three member First Nations. A strategic planning process was used to create the Business Plan, taking into consideration the opportunities and challenges, strategic priorities and directions of the Administration. This Business Plan identifies WCFS Administration's three core businesses and the specific goals, outcomes, performance measures and strategies/initiatives for each core business.

Mission Statement

To promote and support the well-being of children, youth and families in our community through culturally appropriate programs and services.

Value Statement

We, the Wahkotowin Child and Family Services Inc., are guided by the following Values. Our decisions and actions demonstrate these Values.
• Integrity – we are honest and unified in all our decisions and interactions
• Caring – we focus on the well-being of our children
• Respect – we honour children, our community partners and ourselves
• Accountable – we are transparent and responsible for our commitments to our community and the Agency

Vision Statement

Children living in healthy families, learning and practicing their culture.